Fitness Heroes, Grateful Monday’s and Weekly Goals

1 Aug

So this morning I woke up ate a Egg Beater and 1/2 slice of cheese with a couple of slices of cantolupe. (Sorry no picture).

As I was eating my breakfast an idea poped into my head

I wanted to share with you guys my two “fitness heroes”

Drum roll please………

Jillian Micheals



My Mom and Aunt! (My aunt is in the grey and my mom is in the black/white top)

Why are they my heroes?

For starters I think Jillian Michaels is an excellent motivator to get your butt moving. I also like how she is taking a different path in life by leaving the biggest loser and adopting a son and going on the doctors. I love how she embraces her past and is honest to others on what her struggles were when she was growing up.


My Mom and Aunt

My mom is amazing! She has been my cheerleader, role model, supporter and most importantly my fitness hero. She went from a person who didnt really have a good grasp on “healthy” eating eating to running 3 half marathons! She has always given me advice on how to start working out reguraly and how to eat right. Unfortunately my mom blew out her IT band at her last half marathon and ever since has stopped running long distances. She has made me the person that I am today! Love you mom!

My Aunt has overcome many struggles throughout her life and yet has managed to pull through all of them. Over the past two years she has lost more than 40 pounds! WOOT WOOT YOU GO GAL! She has also started to encorporate excercising and eating “right” into her life. I am so proud of her of what she has accomplished and I look up to her! Love you Maria ūüėČ

Now onward to the Grateful Monday Post

Things I am currently grateful for:

Trying to live a healthy lifestyle 


The word healthy has so many interpretations but what healthy means to me is not only eating lots of fruits and vegetables and excercising but it also means having a healthy state of mind.

Being loved by an awesome God

The big guy upstairs has helped me through SO MANY STRUGGLES AND SITUATIONS THROUGHOUT MY LIFE. I am so blessed to be loved by a loving  and understanding God.

Being encourage to try new things

My family always encourages me to try something new and I am so grateful for that.

Having  a family that loves me for me:

My family has done so many things for me that words cannot even describe how grateful I am to have been raised by them!

Attending The University of Iowa 

I will touch more on that later!

One last final thing here are my Goals for this Week

  • Staying focused on studying for my statistics final
  • Stick to my excercise plan that I planned out on Sunday
  • Stop stressing over the little things
  • Stop being so negative about my self
Hope you all enjoyed my post! I am off to hit the books then I am working out!
What are the things that you are grateful for? Who are your fitness heros?

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