Not so wasted wednesday

4 Aug

So on wednesdays during the College year many people refer to wednesdays as “Wasted Wednesday”

Which basically means you are trashed on Wednesday. I have never done a wasted wednesday nor will I ever! Its only wednesday people?!?!

My Wednesday’s during the school year normally involved me doing this 

Yup. Thats how I roll.

So whenever Wednesday rolls around I am usually stressed and go for desserts

Which don not really help

or I do this stress reducing technique

Ha ha just kidding 🙂

Today I had a very busy day. It started out with me heading down the stairs and making myself a Smoothie Bowl (mm mm mm)

It held me over until lunch.

Lunch consisted of a Turkey Salad:


And Last but not least was dinner Hamburger and Corn (not my most favorite dish)

Ehh whatever I am not going to complain because when I go back to school I will be eating nasty disgusting Dorm food. Last year I survived on only the salad bar and I was sooo sick of it. I need to start finding ways to cook in my dorm. Suggestions would be awesome!

So hope you all enjoy your evening. I am off to bed.



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