Goals for this week

7 Aug
      Hello all! 🙂


      So this week I am declaring it the week of healthy eating and the end of mindless snacking. Yup I said it I am a snacker. When I’m bored I snack and that’s my biggest downfall. I need help! So I think after every meal that I eat I am going to chew a piece of gum and stop eating when I’m bored! Also I am going to get back on C25K running plan and encorporate more strength training in routine! 🙂 hope you enjoy this weeks workout schedule:


      Sunday: OFF


      Monday: C25k week 5 day 1 + 30-20-10 Circuit Workout


      Tuesday: 30 minute intervals + shoulders, tris, biceps and abs


      Wednesday: C25′ week 5 day 2 + 100 workout


      Thursday: 50 minute intervals + Abs + Arms


      Friday: C25K Week 5 day 3

I’m excited for this weeks workout schedule! 🙂 (Ill post pics of my food again starting tonight)
I’m off for a night of Trye Blood


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