So Relaxing

8 Aug

Hey All! This weekend I went on a little binge and ate alot. Like a lot alot. I am not going into details but  I jumped off the healthy eating bandwagon and I need to get back on it. So this morning I did just that and I made my self an Egg Beater Sandwich!

mmmm mmmm mmmm ! Yum 🙂

I also made a kick butt workout schedule for this week! 🙂

      Sunday: OFF


      Monday: C25k week 5 day 1 + 30-20-10 Circuit Workout


      Tuesday: 30 minute intervals + shoulders, tris, biceps and abs


      Wednesday: C25′ week 5 day 2 + 100 workout


      Thursday: 50 minute intervals + Abs + Arms


        Friday: C25K Week 5 day 3
    Yay for Mondays and starting the week off right!

I have a busy schedule to do list today:

  • Car Wash
  • Dentist <—- ugggg
  • Workout
  • Brow Wax <—– My Greek heritage is starting to take a toll on my appearance
  • Update Playlists
  • Make a Packing List for School <—- I am moving in on the 18th!
  • Tan
This week I am going to try and relax before I head back to school
If only I lived on a beach!

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