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Saturday Faves: Pinterest Edition & Training

5 Aug

Howdy Y’al! <—(I swear I never grew up in the south ;)) So First and foremost I would like to say that I am officialy DONE with Statistics!

I am SO HAPPY! I hate math. No let me rephrase that I DESPISE MATH!

Moving onward lets talk about my 5 favorite thing Friday: Pinterest Edition:

1. Nike

2. Keep Calm and Run on
3. Running quote
4. Workouts
5. Faith
Hope you enjoy my “Saturday Faves”

Good to be Home

14 May

After a week of no sleep, putting my body through hell, and chugging down diet coke like water I am proud to say that I survived Spring Semester 2011 final exams! I am no longer a college freshman anymore! Woot woot! Today has been a whirlwind of events: I went to meet with my new boss for work, registered for Statistics at a local community college and got my baby (a.k.a my macbook pro) taken care of at the mac genius store. Thats not all though! I GOT NEW RUNNING SHOES :D! “I is so excited to try em on!”

Wait for it…..

Isn’t this box darling?!?! Love the drawing. Call me a hobo but I may keep the box for safe keeping đŸ˜‰

Ok here they are:

I am so happy I bought new  running shoes! They are Brooks Raveena 2 shoe. Thank you to the lovely staff at “The Runner’s Soul” in La Grange, Illinois for accomodating all of my questions. For the last few weeks I was experiencing knee pain in the front of my knee cap and my toe would become numb! It felt like I was running barefoot! I talked to my mom(she used to run all the time) and told me it was time to get new shoes. I am so excited to test these puppies out tomorrow!

Anyways….. Around the early afternoon I was hungry so I made myself a little something somethin:

Banana Lovin’

1 dole banana

1 tablespoon of Skippy Natural Peanut Butter

Chop banana and add a dollop of Peanut Butter

There is nothing I love more than peanut butter and bananas! Well I love peanut butter a lot more than anything else but we will save that for a later post. This snack will hopefully fill me over until dinner!