Celiac’s Disease

So I bet you all are wondering why I eat gluten free food:

Well I will take you all back on a journey that occured not too long ago:

Growing up as a kid I would almost always be in the nurses office complaining of stomach issues. She eventually thought that I was making excuses to get me out of gym classes but it wasn’t that. In middle school I would get extreme nausea, sleep for hours upon end, diarrhea, rashes on my hands, stomach cramps (like when you have the flu) and would constantly have dark circles under my eyes. These symptoms started getting worse when I was in highschool. I remember finishing my finals and sleeping for two days straight! (Thats insane). My mom took me to countless doctors some diagnosed me with anemia or some came to no conclusion. Eventually one doctor diagnosed me with Celiac Disease. Celiac disease is a digestive disorder in which your small intestine cannot absorb the protein gluten that is found in wheat. There is no cure for it. It was awful to hear that when your 15. It gave me a wake up call to start eating better. In all honesty eating gluten free has helped me tremoundsly. I no longer feel sleepy, have painful cramps or rashes. Its extremely hard to go out to a restauraunt and find gluten free food. Almost always I come home feeling nauseous then within two hours later I get the runs. (Its not pretty) For a formal definition on Celiac’s Disease  click on the link.

I am so thankful that I was diagnosed early. Its nothing serious if its maintained accordingly and this disease dose not define me :)! So I must eat gluten-free for the rest of my life but I am ok with that. I have learned to manage it (there will be occasional episodes were I will get the symptoms).


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