Peanut Butter Anonymous

3 Aug

Unfortunately my blackberry torch was being lame today and I couldnt show you my dinner.

I had grilled chicken and sweet potatoes

I love sweet potatoes! They are creamy and delicious. I don not like them with brown sugar or marshmallows! Thats just OFFENSIVE!

You know how there are a variety of addictions for different people? If you watch TLC’s my strange addiction there are a number of STRANGE things that people are addicted. I am addicted to ……………………….


Um I cannot go a day without having this creamy ooey gooey substance. There needs to be a Peanut Butter’s Anonymous for addicts like us. Peanut butter has protein and healthy fats right? ūüėČ

There is another confession I have to make……..

I have the biggest CRUSH on Ryan Kwateen (Jason Stackhouse from True Blood)

He is soooooooooooo unbelievably HOT! Those Australian men are always so good looking down there ;). One day Ryan we will meet! (Just Kidding but it would be nice)

See you in the morning Kiddies!

I will leave you with this:



I am not perfect

2 Aug

So this morning after I studied for a couple of hours I took a break and headed downstairs to do this wicked awesome

30 minute Interval Workout 

Min           Speed             Incline

0-5              4.0                    8%

5-25      Alternate 4.5 1 min walking 8.0 1 min running

25-30         4.0                          4.0%

Um lets just say I got my butt served on a platter. This was hard but I like workouts that are intense!

For Lunch I had a Turkey salad! ( I love salads for lunch more on that later)

This salad included:


Red Pepers

3 slices of turkey

Peper! ( I ‚̧ peper)


Cherry tomatoes

It was tasty!

Now I want to get some things off of my chest that I would like to share with you all

I just want to clarify that. My life is FAR FROM PERFECT! This BLOG IS NOT PERFECT! I am okay with that. This blog helps me keep track of what I EAT and  HOW MUCH I EXERCISE! I do not want anyone to think that my life is perfect when reading this blog. I started writing this blog to help me get through my ups and downs in life. I want this blog to be a reflection of myself and to be  relatable to readers. I am not trying to make anyone upset by stating this. I just want to KEEP IT REAL! So yes you will see my STRUGGLES and my SUCCESSES on this blog. You will NOT SEE ALL OF MY STRUGGLES because I do not want this blog to be negative. WHAT YOU WILL SEE is me BEING POSITIVE on this BLOG and KEEPING IT REAL. (Urban dictionary definition not included)


Keeping it real! 

And thats all folks ūüėČ

Fun Fact: Looney Tunes was originally used during World War II as propaganda! Weird huh?

Snap, Crackle, Pop!

2 Aug

So this morning my foggy brain decided to go the store. My brain was thinking straight because I ran out of my essentials. There was no Almond Milk to be found nor Fage 0%  yogurt. I headed to the store and I found the best Gluten Free Cereal Ever!  \

1 cup is only 120 calories! I was in HOG HEAVEN! 

You find me a cereal that has a 1 cup serving for under 150 calories and has less than 5 grams of sugar?!?! I didnt think so ūüėČ


Mmmmm. It even did the “snap, crackle, pop” thing! Love it.

Unfortunately I tried on my favorite pairs of skinnys that I havent worn since may and they were a little snug. I was a tad pissed so I am just going to do more cardio strength train more eat less sugar and more whole foods. I am also going to start snacking less!

I am off to do more studying and get in a workout before I have class today!

What do you guys do when you feel your pants are little tight? 


“Spice up your life”

2 Aug

Today was a whirlwind day:

Huh never knew that there was an actual whirlwind (meteorogicaly speaking)

These whirlwind events included:

My head was in the books all day (aww doesnt the ostrich look cute?)

Then I took a break and tackled a 20 minute HIIT Workout (from meals and moves blog)

20 min HIIT on treadmill

  • incline=0
    • 2 min @ 6.0
  • incline=0.5
    • 1 min @ 6.5
    • 1 min @ 7.0
    • 1 min @ 7.5
    • 1 min @ 8.0
  • incline=1.0
    • 1 min @ 6.5
    • 1 min @ 7.0
    • 1 min @ 7.5
    • 1 min @ 8.0
  • incline=1.5
    • 1 min @ 6.5
    • 1 min @ 7.0
    • 1 min @ 7.5
    • 1 min @ 8.0
  • incline=2.0
    • 1 min @ 6.5
    • 1 min @ 7.0
    • 1 min @ 7.5
    • 1 min @ 8.0
  • incline=0
    • 1 min @ 9.0 (high point)
    • 1 min @ 2.0 (cool down)
Lets just say I sweated my BUTT off (i wasnt looking to pretty either)
Lunch with an awesome friend at a resturaunt called Pad Thai
I had Pad Thai with Tofu.
It was delish (i only ate half of it and bagged the rest for later)
Then dinner came along and I created a spin on my typical cucumber, tomato, and feta combo
I reveal to you all THE SALMON FETA GREEK SALAD!
Sounds nasty but its oh so good:
Salmon patty from last nights dinner
Feta Cheese (I ‚̧ being Greek ;))
Balsamic Vinegar
Olive Oil
So I have been craving a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and its currently 9:55pm. Weird huh? Maybe it was due to  looking at this Hungry Girl newsletter 
Head down to Peanut Butter Chips + Strawberry Chobani Yogurt
UM HELLO YUMMY DELICIOUSNESS! GET IN MY TUMMY NOW! Unfortunately I currently do not have any of those ingredients ūüė• WAHH!
Im sure it will “Spice up my life”
I was obsessed with them. I had posters, every album, and there movies. My favorite was Posh spice! Maybe I should be a spice girl for halloween? Just Kidding ūüėČ
What were your favorite bands growing up as a kid?
Were you a kid of the 90’s like me?¬†
Night folks

Fitness Heroes, Grateful Monday’s and Weekly Goals

1 Aug

So this morning I woke up ate a Egg Beater and 1/2 slice of cheese with a couple of slices of cantolupe. (Sorry no picture).

As I was eating my breakfast an idea poped into my head

I wanted to share with you guys my two “fitness heroes”

Drum roll please………

Jillian Micheals



My Mom and Aunt! (My aunt is in the grey and my mom is in the black/white top)

Why are they my heroes?

For starters I think Jillian Michaels is an excellent motivator to get your butt moving. I also like how she is taking a different path in life by leaving the biggest loser and adopting a son and going on the doctors. I love how she embraces her past and is honest to others on what her struggles were when she was growing up.


My Mom and Aunt

My mom is amazing! She has been my cheerleader, role model, supporter and most importantly my fitness hero. She went from a person who didnt really have a good grasp on “healthy” eating eating to running 3 half marathons! She has always given me advice on how to start working out reguraly and how to eat right. Unfortunately my mom blew out her IT band at her last half marathon and ever since has stopped running long distances. She has made me the person that I am today! Love you mom!

My Aunt has overcome many struggles throughout her life and yet has managed to pull through all of them. Over the past two years she has lost more than 40 pounds! WOOT WOOT YOU GO GAL! She has also started to encorporate excercising and eating “right” into her life. I am so proud of her of what she has accomplished and I look up to her! Love you Maria ūüėČ

Now onward to the Grateful Monday Post

Things I am currently grateful for:

Trying to live a healthy lifestyle 


The word healthy has so many interpretations but what healthy means to me is not only eating lots of fruits and vegetables and excercising but it also means having a healthy state of mind.

Being loved by an awesome God

The big guy upstairs has helped me through SO MANY STRUGGLES AND SITUATIONS THROUGHOUT MY LIFE. I am so blessed to be loved by a loving  and understanding God.

Being encourage to try new things

My family always encourages me to try something new and I am so grateful for that.

Having  a family that loves me for me:

My family has done so many things for me that words cannot even describe how grateful I am to have been raised by them!

Attending The University of Iowa 

I will touch more on that later!

One last final thing here are my Goals for this Week

  • Staying focused on studying for my statistics final
  • Stick to my excercise plan that I planned out on Sunday
  • Stop stressing over the little things
  • Stop being so negative about my self
Hope you all enjoyed my post! I am off to hit the books then I am working out!
What are the things that you are grateful for? Who are your fitness heros?

Week ahead

1 Aug

So y’all here is my workout schedule for the week

Monday: 30-35 minute interval workout + ABS

Tuesday: 30 min running + 20 min on demand Tank Top Ready Arms

Wednesday: 50 minute interval workout

Thursday: off

Friday: 20 minute HIIT workout + “100 workout”

Saturday: 40 minute treadmill workout + Upper Body Workout

Now I am headed back to studying 

failure to plan is planning to fail

31 Jul

That quote says it all. I am not a good planner at all and as a result I have hurt many people. It happened to me today. I am going to change that now.  Starting tomorrow I am going to plan my day accordingly. Later on tonight I will post my workout schedule for the week.

For lunch I had 

Roasted Red Pepper and turkey sandwich

To create this sandwich I added:

2 slices of roasted red pepper

2 slices of turkey

3 cucumbers

1 tsp of Trader Joe’s original humus dip

2 slices of Udi’s gluten free bread

I had baby carrots and a nectarine

Will post later on tonight I am headed back to go and study.